China Wholesale Light Bar Rocker Switch Suppliers - HK-14-1X-16AP-1123 – Tongda

China Wholesale Light Bar Rocker Switch Suppliers - HK-14-1X-16AP-1123 – Tongda

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China Wholesale Light Bar Rocker Switch Suppliers - HK-14-1X-16AP-1123 – Tongda Detail:


The defining characteristics of operation Operating Parameter Value Units
Free Position FP 15.9±0.2 mm
Operating Position OP 14.9±0.5 mm
Releasing Position RP 15.2±0.5 mm
Total travel Position 13.1 mm
Operating Force OF 0.25~4 N
Releasing Force RF N
Total travel Force TTF N
Pre Travel PT 0.5~1.6 mm
Over Travel OT 1.0Min mm
Movement Differential MD 0.4Max mm

Switch technical Characteristics

ITEM technical parameter Value
1 Contact  Resistance ≤30mΩ Initial value
2 Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ500VDC
3 Dielectric Voltage between non-connected terminals 1000V/0.5mA/60S
between terminals and the metal frame 3000V/0.5mA/60S
4 Electrical Life ≥50000 cycles
5 Mechanical Life ≥1000000 cycles
6 Operating Temperature -25~125℃
7 Operating Frequency electrical:15 cycles
Mechanical:60 cycles
8 Vibration Proof Vibration Frequency:10~55HZ;
Three directions:1H
9 Solder Ability: More than 80% of immersed part shall be covered with solder Soldering Temperature:235±5℃
Immersing Time:2~3S
10 Solder Heat Resistance Dip Soldering:260±5℃ 5±1S
Manual Soldering:300±5℃ 2~3S
11 Safety Approvals UL,CSA,VDE,ENEC,TUV,CE,KC,CQC
12 Test Conditions Ambient Temperature:20±5℃
Relative Humidity:65±5%RH
Air Pressure:86~106KPa

Switch application: widely used in various household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, power tools and other fields.

How to maintain the micro switch?

How to maintain the micro switch?
Since the micro switch is relatively small and highly sensitive, be careful not to squeeze it forcefully during daily maintenance. Because this kind of switch, whether it is a control button on a precision instrument or a button on a simple large machine, the principle is similar, and the sensitivity is very high. If it is used, it is used to press and squeeze vigorously, or it is stored daily. Being squeezed will reduce the sensitivity of one’s own induction, and at the same time, people will also cause disgust in production and life. As a result, it will have a big impact on people’s lives.

The switch should not only pay attention to daily use, but also the daily storage. Many large machines should also be protected from moisture when not in use to prevent the switch from aging and jamming. Due to the criticality of the switch, safety needs to be checked from time to time in daily use. Because many switches are internally connected to the entire circuit system or other control systems, it can be described as a blanket function. Once triggered, the whole body is moved, so lightly touch it to open.

The micro switch needs to be maintained and tested frequently to prevent quality problems from affecting normal production work and causing related losses when production needs. The detection method of the switch is also very simple. Just touch it lightly and observe the feeling of click and the sensitivity of the response. Whether the switch is a large model or a small model, people can feel the ease of operation.

Many materials of the micro switch have the effect of preventing dust and electricity, and should be carefully maintained during daily use. Because this not only touched on the normal production problem, but also affected the production safety. This has caused hidden dangers to personal safety and property safety, so it seems to be extremely important. People can start with the switch, which is an electrical insulation material, to prevent many hidden dangers in production.

Therefore, during routine maintenance and inspection, people pay attention to whether the micro switch has become fragile or deteriorated due to time aging, or has decreased sensitivity, or cracked or other quality problems. Because the role of the switch is critical, quality problems cannot occur.

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