China Wholesale Push Button On Off Pricelist - HK-14-16A-006 – Tongda

China Wholesale Push Button On Off Pricelist - HK-14-16A-006 – Tongda

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China Wholesale Push Button On Off Pricelist - HK-14-16A-006 – Tongda Detail:

Size chart


Switch action Characteristics

The defining characteristics of operation Operating Parameter Value Units
Free Position FP 15.9±0.2 mm
Operating Position OP 14.9±0.5 mm
Releasing Position RP 15.2±0.5 mm
Total travel Position 13.1 mm
Operating Force OF 0.25~4 N
Releasing Force RF N
Total travel Force TTF N
Pre Travel PT 0.5~1.6 mm
Over Travel OT 1.0Min mm
Movement Differential MD 0.4Max mm

Switch technical Characteristics


technical parameter



Contact  Resistance ≤30mΩ Initial value


Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ500VDC


Dielectric Voltage between non-connected terminals 1000V/0.5mA/60S
between terminals and the metal frame 3000V/0.5mA/60S


Electrical Life ≥50000 cycles


Mechanical Life ≥1000000 cycles


Operating Temperature -25~125℃


Operating Frequency electrical:15 cycles
Mechanical:60 cycles


Vibration Proof Vibration Frequency:10~55HZ;
Three directions:1H


Solder Ability: More than 80% of immersed part shall be covered with solder Soldering Temperature:235±5℃
Immersing Time:2~3S


Solder Heat Resistance Dip Soldering:260±5℃ 5±1S
Manual Soldering:300±5℃ 2~3S




Test Conditions Ambient Temperature:20±5℃
Relative Humidity:65±5%RH
Air Pressure:86~106KPa

Switch application: widely used in various household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, power tools and other fields.

Introduction of Micro Switch


Micro switches are used for automatic control and safety protection in equipment that requires frequent circuit switching. They are widely used in electronic equipment, instrumentation, mining, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, as well as aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, and Military fields such as tanks have been widely used in the above fields.
Although the switch is small, it plays an irreplaceable role.

Micro Switch
On the reed, when the moving reed is displaced to the critical point, an instantaneous action is generated, so that the moving contact and the fixed contact at the end of the moving reed are quickly connected or disconnected.
When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed produces a reverse action force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the action of the reed, the reverse action is instantaneously completed. The contact distance of the micro switch is small, the action stroke is short, the pressing force is small, and the on-off is rapid. The movement speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the movement speed of the transmission element.

The micro switch has a small contact interval and a snap-action mechanism,
The contact mechanism that switches on and off with a prescribed stroke and prescribed force is covered with a casing,
A type of switch with a drive rod outside. Because the contact distance of the switch is relatively small, it is called a micro switch, also called a sensitive switch.
The electrical text symbol is: SM

working principle
External mechanical force acts on the action through transmission elements (push pins, buttons, levers, rollers, etc.)

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