China Wholesale Snap Active Switch Quotes - FSK-20-007 – Tongda

China Wholesale Snap Active Switch Quotes - FSK-20-007 – Tongda

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China Wholesale Snap Active Switch Quotes - FSK-20-007 – Tongda Detail:


Switch technical Characteristics


(technical parameter)



(Electrical Rating)

0.1A 250VAC


(Operating Force)



(Contact  Resistance)



(Insulation Resistance)



(Dielectric Voltage)

(between non-connected terminals)


(between terminals and the metal frame)



(Electrical Life)

≥50000 cycles


(Mechanical Life)

≥100000 cycles


(Operating Temperature)



(Operating Frequency)

(electrical):15 cycles(Mechanical):60 cycles


(Vibration Proof)

(Vibration Frequency):10~55HZ;(Amplitude):1.5mm;(Three directions):1H


(Solder Ability)(More than 80% of immersed part shall be covered with solder)

(Soldering Temperature):235±5℃(Immersing Time):2~3S


(Solder Heat Resistance)

(Dip Soldering):260±5℃ 5±1SManual Soldering):300±5℃ 2~3S


(Test Conditions)

(Ambient Temperature):20±5℃(Relative Humidity):65±5%RH(Air Pressure):86~106KPa

What are the applications of micro switches in the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries that are gradually increasing the consumption of micro-switches. As cars become more advanced and automated, the need for micro switches is becoming more and more common. These switches have a higher sensitivity coefficient, thereby enhancing the safety precautions of the automobile organization. In addition, because there are multiple circuits in a car, the demand for micro switches is rapidly rising. These switches are connected to each other as relays. They are used here to distinguish the availability of mechanical and electrical inputs. The growth of electric vehicles has only increased the demand for micro-switches in these cars and automotive engineering. These switches are carefully designed in the car’s mechanical structure to improve the car’s safety, prevention level and automation.

Car door lock micro switch


Car door lock micro switch usually refers to the micro switch installed on the car door. It is a kind of door switch used to sense or detect whether the car door, child lock and central control are locked in place. Its working principle is to respond when the car door is closed. The mechanical parts of the micro switch will touch the operating handle of the micro switch. When the operating handle is pressed, the circuit is turned on, and then a message will be transmitted to the instrument for display. If the door is not closed properly, it is necessary to press Under the stroke, the micro switch circuit will not be turned on, and the message displayed on the meter will show a warning that the door has not been closed.

The car door lock micro switch is actually a detection switch. Many friends think that the door lock is a micro switch. This view shows that it is incorrect. The door lock is a mechanical lock, and our micro switch is An electronic switch used to detect whether the door lock is locked.

Since the frequency of opening and closing the door is quite high, it needs to have the characteristics of long service life, so it also needs to have the waterproof function.

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