30th Anniversary Celebration of Yueqing Tongda wire electric factory

October 10, 2020, Yueqing Tongda Wire Electric Factory celebrate its 30th anniversary. This is a proud day for all Tongda people.
Since our establishment in 1990, Yueqing Tongda has been focus on the development and production of WEIPENG micro switches, waterproof micro switches, rocker switches, push button switches, magnetic switches and custom switches. We always believed that only when we are careful operators now that can assured consumers in the future.
For celebrate Tongda’s birthday, we organized many activities in the factory, such as: ①the blossoming of peach blossoms, ②crossing the river by touching the stones, ③eating “snakes”, ④carrying paper cups with balloons, ⑤grabbing water bottles, ⑥tug-of-war and so on. All employees and management participated actively and bravely, and the atmosphere on site was very warm.

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At noon, we held a celebration lunch. At the luncheon, Chairman Chen delivered a speech. We held an award ceremony for old employees. Among them, there are 15 employees who have worked in the factory for more than 20 years, 14 employees for more than 15 years, and a total of 38 employees for more than 10 years. These are the most precious wealth of our company. The cornerstone of our success! Finally, the luncheon ended happily in the talent show and lottery activities of various departments.

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Today, we would like to thank all customers and suppliers. It is because of your care and help that Tongda has achieved today’s results; thanks to all the colleagues who have worked in Tongda, because of your hard work, there is a company Today’s results. May our Yueqing Tongda wire electric factory have a better future!

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