Extend the life of CHERRY MX low profile mechanical switches

CHERRY, the market leader and specialist in keyboard mechanical switches, extends the life of MX Low Profile RGB from 50 actuations to over 100 million without loss of input quality.
This extension is already available for all low profile switches delivered since mid-2021.As a result, new and existing customers can benefit from the MX Low Profile RGB’s double guaranteed lifespan.Thanks to this unmatched durability, CHERRY MX has now cemented its position as the industry leader in low profile mechanical switches.Extensive internal and external testing validates the new durability claim.More than 100 million operations are achieved by optimizing the world-exclusive and technologically superior Gold Crosspoint contact system and unique material selection, guaranteeing the switch’s consistent quality for decades.
Introduced in 2018, the newly developed CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB switch now sits between the MX Standard and MX Ultra Low Profile sizes.With an overall height of only 11.9mm, modern slim mechanical keyboard designs for desktop applications can be achieved without compromising switching characteristics and feel.The MX Low Profile RGB is about 35% thinner than the standard version but still provides the unparalleled typing feel with which traditional MX switches have become the gold standard on the market.
Continuous product improvement, with more than 100 million drives and the introduction of MX Low Profile RGB, the focus is on the new innovative CHERRY MV and MX Ultra Low Profile.But even existing products go through a constant optimization process.For example, the “Hyperglide” improvements are integrated into the MX standard switches.In August 2021, the MX Low Profile RGB also received an update: previously, CHERRY MX guaranteed over 50 million actuations of this switch type, but with continuous, careful analysis and quality improvements, the service life can be doubled.Gold Crosspoint contactors in particular benefit from this: in order to achieve 100 million actuations, various preparation and production steps have been optimized, resulting in a softer and more precise welding of the two contact points to the carrier material.The result is a significantly improved Gold Crosspoint contact with maximum switching point consistency and accuracy.
Additionally, bounce time has been reduced to typically less than a millisecond, making it class-leading.This means that the registration of input is much faster.Competitors, on the other hand, range between 5 and 10 milliseconds, which causes lag in the input process.These advantages play an important role in a fast-paced competitive gaming world where every second counts.
Gold Crosspoint: An unrivaled contact system at the heart of the mechanical switch World-exclusive, high-precision, powerful Gold Crosspoint technology is primarily responsible for the extremely long service life.This unique contact point system is self-cleaning and corrosion resistant, and has been updated to provide flawless machining quality and unmatched manufacturing technology.Among other things, CHERRY MX is the only switch manufacturer in the world to use a particularly thick top layer of gold in its contact system.The two contact elements are gently but absolutely stably applied to the contact carrier by a high-precision process using special soldered diodes.As a result, the Gold Crosspoint remains intact, even under the most adverse conditions, contributing to long-term durability, flawless operation and absolutely reliable contact at low voltages.
For cost reasons, competitors’ current contact systems rely on brittle gold coatings, some of which have been destroyed during the manufacturing process.In addition, the quality of soldering varies widely, resulting in poor mechanical and electrical connections.Competitors’ contacts are also usually only pressed against the carrier, again resulting in significantly poorer functionality and contact performance.As a leading manufacturer with the best and unmatched machining quality compared to the competition, CHERRY MX guarantees consistent and significantly higher quality for decades.
Optimum choice of material for maximum service life Of course, the choice of material also contributes to a longer service life: CHERRY MX has chosen selected materials that meet high-end requirements and give the switch the desired characteristics in terms of reliability and durability.The switches maintain their integrity even at the high temperatures of the soldering process, ensuring seamless operation even with production fluctuations during keyboard manufacturing.Furthermore, during storage or transport, for example on a sea container, under the most adverse conditions, materials show zero to negligible changes over years or even decades.This guarantees tight tolerances even under the most adverse conditions.Each MX switch is characterized by its optimum performance throughout further processing.
Extensive internal and external testing In 2021, the available capacity is again used for extended quality testing of the MX Low Profile RGB in the in-house laboratory at the company headquarters in Oberpfalz.During this process, switches are tested well beyond standard specifications to determine maximum service life under various conditions.External testing agencies also conducted extensive inspections of the switches for durability and quality.Extensive and time-consuming testing has now been done on all fronts, and it’s clear: MX Low Profile RGB guarantees an extended lifespan of over 100 million actuations without any loss of input quality or specification changes!As a result, CHERRY MX once again sets an industry-leading benchmark in the low profile segment of mechanical keyswitches and offers great added value compared to the competition.
The benefits for end customers and keyboard manufacturers are worth noting: Over 100 million guaranteed actuations apply to all MX Low Profile RGB switches manufactured since mid-2021.So anyone who has recently purchased a CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB keyboard will benefit from double the lifespan.This extended durability also allows keyboard manufacturers to rely on absolute best-in-class high-quality switches to provide the end user with maximum benefits in terms of durability, typing feel, and reliability.Anyone who buys a keyboard with a CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB will get a product suitable for gaming and demanding everyday office use that will provide absolute confidence for decades to come.
Housing optimized for RGB lighting CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB is based on a transparent housing designed for use with SMD LEDs.The compact LEDs are located directly on the PCB, facilitating low-profile keyboard designs.The optimized housing design of the low profile switch and its integrated light guide system ensure uniform illumination across the entire keycap.It emits light to display all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum.
CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Red and Speed ​​100 Million CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB The two switch variants currently available provide a lifespan of over 100 million actuations without loss of input quality.These characteristics correspond to those of the standard models with the same color coding.For example, the CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Red is designed as a linear switch that provides 1.2mm of pre-travel and requires 45 cN of operating force.Similar specs are available for the CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Speed: this variant also features a linear design that requires 45 centiNtons of operating force, but its pre-travel is reduced to 1.0 mm.

Post time: Mar-05-2022