History of micro switch

In the world we live in, there are many smiling parts, just like screws in huge machinery. Although they are not conspicuous, they are of great significance. The micro switch is such a “screw”, which has made a great contribution to improving our quality of life.

1. Understand the micro switch
The micro switch is also called the sensitive switch. It is a switch that achieves rapid conversion by applying pressure. Because the contact distance of the switch is relatively small, the action service during operation is minimal, hence the name. It also has its own exclusive symbol in the electrical text, denoted as SM.
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2. How does it work
In fact, it is the working principle of the micro switch. In fact, a simple understanding is that the force is applied to the action reed through the transmission elements such as buttons, levers, and rollers. When the displacement of the reed reaches the critical point, an instantaneous action will be generated to make the end of the action reed. The moving contact and the fixed contact are quickly linked or separated. You can recall the feeling when we turn on the light and press the switch. The moment the light turns on and off is the process of the micro switch.
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3. Types of micro switches
With the increasing application in production and life, the demand for micro switches increases, and the types of micro switches increase rapidly, and there are hundreds of types of internal structures. They can be divided into ordinary type, small and ultra-small according to the volume; according to the protection performance, they can be divided into waterproof type, dustproof type, explosion-proof type; according to the segmented form, they can be divided into single type, double type, multiple type, etc. .
If you observe our lives carefully, you will find that micro switches are connected in series with your daily life. From the first cup of hot soy milk in the morning to the last small action of turning off the lights at night, there are countless moments of each day, in fact, there are micro-movements. Participate in the switch.

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