Rotary switch: Rotary switch characteristics, introduction to rotary switch

With the development of our daily life, the requirements for switches are also diverse. Among them, rotary switches can be seen everywhere in our modern life, and rotary switches are widely used in many places, so we are not too unfamiliar with it. Everyone has a certain understanding more or less. But it looks like a small switch, you may not know it well. Today, the editor will tell you some of its features and brief introduction.


1. The use and structural features of the rotary switch.

1. Use.

Generally, those old-fashioned traditional TVs will have a rotary switch, and the rotating area will have a certain range, so the resistance value plays a role in changing the contact switch. Now the electric fan has several gears, so the rotary switch has several sets of outlets, and the speed of different gears can be changed by changing the number of coils wound on the fan resistor. The structure of the rotary switch is a polar unit and a multi-level unit. Single-pole units are used in conjunction with rotating shaft electrical appliances, and multi-stage unit rotary switches are mostly used in line switching places.

2. Features.

This kind of switch has two differences in design and structure, namely MBB contact type and BBM contact type. Then the characteristic of the MBB contact type is that the moving contact is in contact with the front and rear contacts during transposition, and then the front contact is disconnected and kept in contact with the rear contact. The characteristic of BB contact type is that the moving contact will disconnect the front contact first, and then connect the rear contact. In this conversion process, there is a state in which both the front contact and the rear contact are disconnected.

Two, a brief analysis of the rotary switch

1. The rotary switch has many uses and can replace some rotary pulse generators, so this switch is almost always used on the front panel of the instrument and the man-machine interface of the audio-visual control panel. The rotary switch uses a quadrature optical encoder instead of an analog potentiometer as a pure digital device. These rotary switches are similar in appearance to traditional or resistive potentiometers, but the internal structure of these rotary switches is completely digital and uses optical technology.

2. The internal structure of the switch is completely digital, not only using optical technology, but also using a traditional incremental encoder. The two products are very similar, with two orthogonal output signals, channel A and channel B, which can be directly connected to the encoder processing chip. The appearance of this switch is cylindrical. The connecting terminals protruding from the cylinder are distributed around and are the extension of the static contacts in the cylinder. The static contacts are evenly distributed in the cylinder and insulated from each other.

3. According to the above related content, we will continue to understand the rotary switch. Each layer of electrostatic contacts is insulated from each other. The bottom passes through the top cover to form a rotating shaft, and the bottom plate and the top cover are clamped up and down to form a switch assembly. When in use, if there is a 90-degree, 180-degree, or 360-degree rotation, the movable contact will be connected to different static contacts every time it rotates to a position, and different states will be output on the external terminals to achieve control.

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Post time: Oct-30-2021