Waterproof micro switch has obvious advantages, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of long-term operation

In certain environments, some electrical switches are in a relatively humid environment. At the same time, there are more dust and impurities in these environments, and even some other places with more moisture. So for this type of environment, how to choose a switch?

As a professional manufacturer of micro-switches, Yueqing Tongda Cable Power Plant has obvious advantages in the production of waterproof micro-switches: first of all, this type of waterproof micro-switch can be applied to places with high humidity, impurities, and dust. For the selection of this type of switch, you need to choose a sealed switch; secondly, the waterproof micro switch produced by the company has very strict requirements in terms of current, operating load, type of drive rod, and operating temperature. It is an important bitch to ensure the safety of users using waterproof micro-switches; again, the waterproof micro-switches produced by the company can be applied to many fields such as household appliances, medical equipment, military industry, electronic equipment, automation equipment, etc.
If the above requirement is a breadth requirement for the waterproof micro switch, what advantages does it have in terms of its specific details? The waterproof micro switch produced by the company has a strong voltage resistance of up to 500V/0.5mA/60S (between non-phase terminals of the same level), and its parameters are as high as 1500V/0.5 between the terminal and the shell or non-current-carrying metal parts. mA/60S. In addition, the operating frequency, vibration resistance, welding heat resistance, test conditions and other parameters that most people are more concerned about meet the safety and quality standards.
If you are worried about finding a high-quality waterproof micro switch, you can take a look at this waterproof micro switch produced by Yueqing Tongda Cable Power Plant. I believe it can give you a very good choice.

Post time: Dec-11-2021