Waterproof switch using kitchen appliances is a gospel for consumers

In the two places with the highest humidity in a household, the popularity of household appliances means that there will be a large number of household appliances in these two spaces. But if it is a normal switch, it cannot satisfy the user for live operation in a humid environment. So how to solve this problem?

Choose waterproof switches to be used in kitchen appliances. Among the common household appliances list configuration in the kitchen, microwave ovens, kettles, pressure cookers, ovens, refrigerators and other small kitchen appliances are standard. Especially in the south from June to August every year, the humidity is significantly higher than before, and the weather in supermarkets like Huangmeitian is even worse. Therefore, the use of these waterproof switches in kitchen appliances can effectively protect the safety of users in the use of appliances.

How to choose a waterproof switch? As the name suggests, a waterproof switch is a switch that can be operated with wet hands. As for the waterproof standard, it is necessary to meet the IP waterproof standard, whether the certification is complete, the service life, high temperature resistance, and high current impact resistance. The waterproof switch produced by Yueqing Tongda Cable Power Plant is recommended here. As a micro switch manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, as a designated supplier of the top 500, it has many advantages in the production of its waterproof switch: on the one hand, it In terms of design and development, it has reached national standards, which means that with the upgrading of kitchen appliances, the company has kept pace with the times in quality, safety, and waterproof quality; on the other hand, the company has very strict price control The price setting and review department of the company will conduct a multi-faceted analysis based on the price, quality, and user needs of the same waterproof switch in the market. There will be no behaviors that disrupt the market such as wanton price increases; finally, in terms of supply guarantee, for customers with larger orders According to the method of contract and agreement, it does not take verbal promises and other methods for large-scale batch orders, which also protects the rights and interests of both parties to a certain extent.

Post time: Dec-03-2021