What are the characteristics of the mouse micro switch?

For today’s Internet age, switches are ubiquitous, and various devices in our lives are inseparable from the use of switches. There are many types of switches nowadays, one of which is a mouse micro switch, so what is it for?
Some friends may be very suspicious, why can the mouse be connected with the switch? In fact, the switches used in many of our electronic products are micro switches, which are smaller in size and more sensitive than traditional switches. But in terms of appearance design, the mouse micro switch looks like a mouse so named. Relatively speaking, the sound of mouse clicks is relatively crisp, and a variety of click operations can be made in just a few seconds. But because of the different types of mouse switches, there are many types of prices on the market now.

From the point of view of the structure of the mouse micro switch, although it is relatively strong, it is a loss product after all, every click is actually a loss. Therefore, when the material of the switch contact reaches the limit of use, it is not far from being scrapped. Therefore, a good mouse micro switch, the most important thing is to have a good switch contact material, buyers can focus on this aspect when asking the seller.
For the mouse in life, we only have simple operations such as moving and clicking, while for the mouse micro switch, its click performance needs to be optimized, just like the accelerator or brake of a car. In fact, the soul of the mouse micro switch is the key element that determines its sensitivity.

Post time: Nov-27-2021